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Story of Mama Gumede and the Madman death scare in Tembisa

Daily-Godly 06/24/2020

We do good everyday but we don’t know the day we would receive the rewards of goodness. This is the story of Mama Gumede, the popular Magwinya seller in Tembisa outside of Johannesburg. 

There are two unique things about Mama Gumede business. Her makeshift shop and a special long term customer. This will unfold as we encounter her in this amazing story.

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Mama Gumede has been so successful selling Magwinya tht she has managed to own two houses and even buy a bakkie that she uses to run the business. If you don’t get up early in the morning, you would have to stay long queue at Mama’s corner.

Every morning hundreds of people stay in queues for close to half hour to get a piece of Mama Gumede’s special fry. The queue and demand are so high that neighbours and passers-by begin to suspect that Mama must be getting extra-physical power from Sangoma.

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However, many people have testified that the reason why Mama’s magwinya is the best around is because of her unique recipe and good people’s skills. Mama’s magwinya are fried and served with love and joy, says one of her long time many customers. 

“I am not only selling magwinya, Mama often tells those who care to listen, “I am serving my community and they reward me with their R2 for every ball of magwinya bought,”Mama says.

Coming to what is unique in Mama’s story. First, the place where she sells is a rickety makeshift shop. With all her financial success, Mama has not deem it fit to fix the place or even upgrade it. Perhaps, it is because of her lack of formal education.

Yet, what Mama lacks in formal education, she makes up in acute financial literacy. She is sharper than any taxi driver when it comes to counting money accurately. You can steal a cent from her.

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Second, Mama has one unique customer. This customer has been patronised Mama for more than five years now. Talk about brand loyalty. The down side and interesting part is that the customer never paid, but never a day pass that the customer would not stop to get three balls of Magwinya.

Maruthi is a madman, but only Mama knows this. Hence, Maruthi enjoys preferential treatment. He never queued with the rest of Magwinya lovers who daily flocks Mama’s shop. 

One day is one day for Mama Gumede and her special customer. On this fateful day, Maruthi did not show up as he usually does. Mama had waited for extra minutes. She was busy packing up and washing her dishes when he saw Maruthi on the other side of the road. 

Mama called out to him; Maruthi come and take your Magwinya, wena. Instead of Maruthi to cross the road, he beckoned to Mama to come to him. Although puzzled by this unusual act of Maruthi, Mama however picked up plastic of Maruthi three balls of magwinya and crossed the road to hand it over to him. 

On getting to the other side, Maruthi took his magwinya and began to chew it. Between a mouthful of magwinya, Maruthi repeated his favourite statement he used to say to Mama; “we do goo everyday, but we get reward on a particular.”

While the conversation was going, an old but high tree under which Mama’s shop perched suddenly fell on top of the shop crushing everything inside it.

Neighbours and passers-by cried in horror thinking Mama has been crushed under three. They ran to scene only to find Mama walking towards them from the other side of the road shouting; “I am not dead, I am here.” Many took to their heels thinking it was her ghost.

The pandemonium was eventually calmed by Ethiopian shopkeeper who had witnessed the whole incident. He told the bewildered crowd how Mama had cross the road to meet Maruthi- the madman- a minute before the three fell. 

We do good every day, but reward comes in a particular day.

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SaniCharlesGandre · 06/25/2020
Thanks to the Lord
TebogoMimiMoeketsi-Langa · 06/25/2020
you mean tree??
InnocenttTwalePalediNgwenya · 06/26/2020
Wow dat was nice nd Marothi is a life saver
idaSiyobi_01 · 06/25/2020

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