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"Mom isn't here at home and she's with my dad." - Stepson talking to his Stepfather.

ThatGuySivs 06/24/2020

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I Thought We Could Give It Another Try.

I truly thought we could give another try as we had a break in communication within our relationship that caused us to give up on our love. 

I've always loved you though, despite us not talking to each other but I always felt you had qualities that are rare to get in a woman.  

I loved you for who you're and I never really attached any reasons for my love for you. 

I never really questioned my love for you. 

I could see you also felt the same way about me.

I loved you since then and I won't stop loving you. 

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I won't force love where isn't needed though.

I'm not drawing any conclusions.

But when I thought we getting back.

I just realized that I don't fit in your life like I did before I screwed up.

I know I'm the who broke your heart by not prioritizing our relationship.

I just got lost in my hustle and I got too busy to invest my time, energy and love in our relationship. 

Somewhat I was hoping you never moved on but you did, I understand it's been 3 years now. 

That was selfish of me thinking that you wouldn't move on.

After I've lost your number and I got your number back through your sister. 

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We can then catch up and reminisced about our undying love for each other. 

All was good until I phoned you the other day and your son answered the phone.

He said, "Mom isn't here at home and she's with my dad."

That just hit home and I ended the call. 

This truly made me feel hurt and I didn't know how to address it. 

I just sent her a text message: 

"Hey, I've been trying to get hold of you after you've told me about the bad news you just received earlier today. I wanted to check up on you. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to get hold of you. Instead, your son answered the phone and said you were with your baby daddy. I'm sorry for trying to come back in your life. Just forget what I told you, I don't want to be a home wrecker and I wish all the best with your family. Take care and I will always love you."

She never responded to my text message until she phoned the next morning on her way to work. 

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We didn't even talk that much as I couldn't hear her since it was noise where she was and she said she would phone. 

Oh well, she didn't phone back and it's fine as I walk away again. 

To be honest you were never mine. 

I was just lying to myself.

Written By Sivuyile Tshalana.

Source: opera.com
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