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4 Big Lies That They've Been Telling Us About COVID-19, See The Real Truths With Proofs

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Due to the fact that people have known that the Coronavirus case have made lots of people tensed and terrified, they have decided to use it as an Avenue to share fake news.

Below i listed for rumour and lies that we must have believed some time ago and have been spread amongst South Africans,all you would help us do is to share this article and let's save all our friends.

1. False: Bill Gates is involved in a Covid-19 conspiracy

Truth: Bill Gates is trying to stumble on solutions to the Covid-19 crisis

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Former ANC MP Vytjie guru has been actively allocation half truths about COVID-19 on her Facebook page, equal still her claims engage in been extensively debunked by credible fact-checking organisations.

Bill Gates is one of the main targets of her misleading posts. One claim is that Gates owns the “patent” for COVID-19 and is “partner” in the laboratory in Wuhan China where conspiracy theorists claim the virus was created. This claim has been widely debunked, including by FullFact, a British fact-checking organisation.

Another position on Mentor’s Facebook page is about a manufactured controversy claiming that a number of girls in India had died after the fees and Melinda Gates Foundation funded a research to think about it if human being papillomavirus (HPV) infections may possibly be low-price by only if cost-effective vaccines to insolvent communities.

2. False: Testing swabs are infected with Covid-19

True: Testing swabs are rightly safe

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Stephen Birch: conspiracy dreamer and teller of fake, perilous in a row about Covid-19.

A capture in which a cloak city man, Stephen Birch, brushwood a cord flower up his nose period untruthfully proclaiming that impure coronavirus tribulation kits are life form old to smooth out the virus has finished viral.

tough swabs second-hand in South Africa are sterile and are not contaminated. It’s like a dream in safe hands to control a Covid-19 test.

According to Algoa FM a criminal charge has been laid against Birch for contravening South Africa’s countrywide misfortune regulations.

3. False: Barack Obama has been fighting against every means of vaccines

True: Barack Obama gave a go ahead in the service of vaccines

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A WhatsApp memorandum untruly claims that past US head Barack Obama is asking Africans not to admit vaccines from Europe and America. The ask for is exclusively false. Obama has not at all supposed any such thing. Vaccines in the South African communal health system are safe, manufactured and experienced across the humanity and set aside lives. At the time of journalism (6 April 2020) at hand is no vaccine for Covid-19.

Barack Obama chains the treatment of vaccines as this article explains.

4. False: Rashid Buttar’s conspiracy theories about Covid-19

True: Humans did not create the corona virus that causes Covid-19

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A WhatsApp memo between to a capture interview with Rashid Buttar by a fake news organisation called after that News net has circulated commonly in South Africa. Buttar is a discredited osteopath who promotes erroneous conspiracy theories about Covid-19.

One of his fake claims is that the coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2) that causes Covid-19 was artificially created. Scientists give rise to essentially looked into the chance that the coronavirus was artificially made.

Please share this article and let's join hands together to put to an end all these fake news

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DavidKalu_05 · 06/28/2020
this writer is their agent
JohnHamburg · 06/28/2020
🤔 Humans create the COVID 19 virus in the Labor in Wuhan....They make there experiments with Virus , unfortunately the virus escaped,. the Chinish Government wanted to keep it secret for longtime. The Virologist who make it public what happens in the Labor was arrested and died later after they released him.🤔🤔
Sardauna · 06/28/2020
this man may be sponsored
TarilaGeorge · 06/28/2020
the writer is a demon from hell

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