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Here is the reason why most women are not married.

Tilala 1d

View pictures in App save up to 80% data. In these days and age, some people may look at it as a scam, but to other people it is an honor and respect showed by a husband to the family of a bride. Some say it is just one of many ways used to rip men off.

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Our African culture say the bride has to be a virgin. VIRGINITY was a must for lobola to be paid. If a girl was found not to be a virgin the bride's price would be reduced.

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Women has to value their bodies. A female that has been with a lot of guys decreases her ability to emotional bond and increases her likelihood of "Bouncing to a New guy", the moment something goes wrong. Women were created to pair bond with one guy, not to jump from one to another.

VIRGINITY has lost its meaning. It used to be the greatest "Gift" a woman could give to her husband on the day they officially got married.

Every men wish to be served by his wife not a maid. He expects to be taken care of by a woman she married, but in nowadays it is a must to hire a maid because most wives can not cook nor perform house duties expected to be performed by a wife.

Some people feel it is a modern way of doing things, whereas in the old days lobola was the UNIFICATION of the two families, the husband's family and the wife's family.

"We educated our daughter" those are words mostly used during lobola negotiations. Something any parent is required to do for the goodness of their children not because a certain person should benefit from it. A man should not feel that he should Reward the family for educating their own daughter. These things should not be addressed in lobola negotiations.

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Lobola is just a way MEN are being trained and conditioned by society into a life of servitude.

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GUEST_Be49N6BP5 · 07/12/2020
GUEST_GANgv2pDQ · 06/29/2020
by paying lobola for your girlfriend and getting married it's you respected the family she came from and it way of building a relationship with a parents it's her duty to do her best to show that she is in love with you and only you

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