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Women hate is the primary reason for Tshegofatso Pules death. Married women hired hitman to kill her

CleopatraMH 06/28/2020

Tshegofatso Pule's death sent shockwaves across South Africa. Just when we are coming to terms to the global pandemic of Covid 19. Tshegofatso Pule was murdered in one of the most atrocious ways. What is aggravating is that this was supposed to be the prime of her life, having passed on at 28 years old and having an unborn baby in her. A life that never got the chance to bloom and see the rays of the sun.

Muzikayise Malephane is the suspected killer who handed himself over to the police. The community members were up in arms as they thought he was her lover. Time turned and told a different story as he apparently revealed that he was actually a hit man hired to kill Tshegofatso because she was a threat to another women's marriage.

At this juncture there are scainty details on who is the women who was the mastermind to such a horrendous crime. From reliable sources the women has just received a payout of R8 Million from policies of her parent who had just passed on.

Many people are divided on the issue of gender based violence as it reveals that the real perpetrators are women. But for the wife hiring the hitman Tshegofatso would have still been alive today. Furthermore more no reports have been made on what is the punishment for the husband who cheated and was cause to Tshegofatso loosing her life today.

It is common cause that the husband is the one who went to Tshego and proposed a romantic relationship. As woman we cannot say why did she say yes to a married man. When your husband is not happy in your marriage they cheat and the husband wants to move on with someone else they go as far as making babies.

One question to ask is:

Why didn't the wife divorce the man. Woman should learn to deal with the man, they were suppose to team up and deal with this man. Now this woman is going to rot in jail if the accusations are true and she is found guilty. She is an accomplice to this gruesome crime.

The community came in numbers to support the family of Tshegofatso. Many were red with anger and saw that the accused did not show any Mercy instead he said he wanted a private attorney to represent him he no longer wants a state representative.

The case has been postponed to the 2nd of July for legal representation.

This leaves a bitter taste as to the sheek and arrogance displayed by the accused shows that he knows what he is doing and now has the financial backing for legal representation. One wonders if the women who hired him is the one who is actually funding his legal fees as he was paid R70 000, to kill Tshegofatso.

What is disturbing about this it shows that women will fight a lion to keep their marriage whilst the husband will continue to cheat on her for life.

What is certain is that women to women hate needs to stop because by the end of the day Men are the one who go after this women, knowing very well that their married and love their Families.

As ladies we also need to value ourselves and say no to married men or a men in any relationship. A relationship today could cost you your life.

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Pictures above show how Tshegofatso's mother wept bitterly at her daughter's funeral. Just when she was expecting to raise her first grandchild she lost them both in the hands of a men hired by another fellow women.

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