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COVID-19: Pregnant women should be worried after this new discovery by doctors

TebogoSenosha11 06/24/2020

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PHOTO: Sourced online.

By: Tebogo Senosha.

Doctors are working around the clock in an effort to find out whether the Coronavirus can be passed from mother to an unborn baby, this after newborn triplets born in Mexico all tested positive for the virus.

All pregnant women around the world may have something to worry about because medical experts are currently trying to establish the possibility of the unborn baby contracting the virus through the mother's placenta during pregnancy.

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The triplets Mexico newborns were born showing the symptoms of the novel Coronavirus. The two, boy and a girl are currently in a stable condition. However the third one which is also a boy was being treated for a respiratory condition which is associated with the Coronavirus.

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This case of the Coronavirus being detected on multiple births was the first ever to be reported in the country, this was according to the state’s Health and Safety Committee.

It was also reported that the both the parents of the newborns were currently receiving testing to establish whether they were positive of the virus or not. However the authorities have conceded that there was a high possibility that either one or both of the parents could be showing symptoms of the virus.

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Scientists have investigated previous cases where Covid-19 may have passed from mother to child in the womb or during childbirth.

Earlier this year scientists in China found that of 33 babies born to mothers who tested positive for the virus, only three of the babies contracted the disease.

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Source: opera.com
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