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Tshego Pule's murder Was Influenced By A Woman

Cat114cats 06/24/2020

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What kind of a woman hires a hitman to brutally kill another pregnant woman, all because of a man who didn't respect their vows enough to remain faithful?

She could have given Tshego that R70.000, and told her to stay away from her husband, but something also tells me this woman had enough of her cheating husband and unfortunately Tshego was a victim.

A woman greatest enemy is a woman, she could have used that R70.000 to spoil herself, find another man or give Tshego to stay away, but no. She hired a hitman to kill a pregnant woman, why do women hate each other so much?

The one who initiated the idea to kill is a real Satan. Also Muzikayise Malephane is a good example that some people out there can do anything for money, but to kill and hang a person then video record, it is another level of satanic work.

Money was determining factor in the killing of Tshego. Having access to resources became the social power that woman who organized this murder had that allowed her to enact violence on someone else, and the physical dominance of a hitman was her tool.

Whether it was planned by a woman or not, she was still killed, and it won't change the fact that Gender Based Violence is still a problem here in South Africa. We can't play the blame game now, all that is needed is justice for her. The planner and the executioner must be both locked up.

The wife is insecure and has self love issues. Because a confident woman wouldn't plan such a thing. Women need to realise that its not worth fighting over a cheating man because at the end, you will fact the heat alone.

It's pathetic to see redirecting the fact that Tshego Pule's murder was influenced by a woman. Willpower is the ability to take a gun and kill a fellow human being for monetary benefits.

I would never kill a fellow human being, no matter the price. View pictures in App save up to 80% data. View pictures in App save up to 80% data.

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