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White Guy Incorrectly Spells White Lives Matter on his own wall - watch

usefulscroll 06/25/2020

Man captured on video painting ‘Wight Lives Matter’ graffiti. View pictures in App save up to 80% data.

Spelling consequences. A white man was lately filmed endeavoring to spray-paint “White Lives Matter” on his own wall but failed when he spelled it incorrectly “white” wrong. “This can’t be real,” chuckles a someone while recording and, yelling at a woman to come gather with her as she records the man, completing his art work that reads, “Wight Lives Matter.” A man video to his TikTok, and it instantly went viral with almost 500k clicks. “This can’t be real,” people can be listened to announcing in the footage. After acknowledging his spelling error later on, the anonymous man endeavored to rectify his graffiti, but the harm was done already done and was unable to fix it. “Wight Lives Matter” is a drastic component of the “All Lives Matter” phrase used by people who dismiss the Black Lives Matter trend and the impression that “only” black lives matter.

Source: opera.com
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