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Girls See what happens when you choose money over love.

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In today's Generation money Leads everything. It has Even Dominated in Relationships. Now A guy with a catch is someone Driving A Mercedes Or with a lot of money. Well You should

Note: That those things are not yourz even if you are part of them that doesn't mean you're owning them. Go hustle for things you can call yours.

Nowadays girls leave Guys With love all for material things. The problem is that we focus on the Now not the Future. Never Choose Money over love Coz at the end of the day The Guy with money knows a girl He loves very well, and you'll end up being a spare wheel all in the name of money.

You should know that Theres Two types of Relationships .

01. Love dominated Relationship

This relationship is about Building each other, motivating and helping each other. It is focused on the future Not the now.


02. Two way relationship.

A relationship where Sex is exchanged for material things. Thers no Emotions in this relationship and You two don't know each other that much you just know that the two of you are dating but Theres no future in your relationship with that person.

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Thou we know that sometimes Situations are though, but never Ever fake love For Money because no love is worth anything of this world.

Love is A natural thing it is a feeling that is unexplainable, thou it's beautiful. But If you want to Ruin your reputation carry on, somethings never affect us at the moment but with time they'll come around and haunt us!

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PatrickLukhele · 07/10/2020
Of course no amount of money can buy love, as long as your heart is not into it then it's pretence. The repercussions of this type of love usually ends in aggression and loathing

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