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Finally Liverpool are crowned Champions after a 2 decade wait

Cukumetic 06/25/2020

View pictures in App save up to 80% data. If Man City fail to beat Chelsea at Stamford Bridge, Liverpool will be crowned Premier League champions for the first time. 🏆

Liverpool's updated Premier League record at Anfield:


- Trent Alexander-Arnold has been directly involved in 30 Premier League goals since his debut in August 2016 (5 goals & 25 assists), at least five more than any other defender in that time.

Mo Salah: “I feel great. Since I came here I said I want to win the Premier League with the team. The city didn't win it for a long time, so it was the right time. It's our time to win it and it's great." 🇪🇬

Hodgson: "Liverpool have been excellent. The title has been in their grasp for months. Just a question of when it's not mathematically possible for anyone to catch them. Their determination/desire tonight, even in last 5mins they were trying to win the ball back & score again."

"jugen klopp

We have to play through, we have to be 100 per cent disciplined, we have to be full of joy, we have to stay greedy before the game, in the game [and] after the game."

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KasimJangiya · 06/25/2020
thumbs up Liverpool I feel great as a supporter during our time always happy with the achievement of our coach Klopp thanks our players you make us proud continue from there
BlaqAwt · 06/25/2020
3decades not 2
JayRamdas · 06/25/2020

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