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Time For Helen Zille To Bow Out


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While the DA mulls whether Helen Zille’s “racist law” tweets have breached party rules, some political analysts believe the controversial federal council chair should resign.

The DA heavyweight tweeted earlier this week that SA now had more racist laws post-1994 than there were during apartheid and credited the last president who presided over the racist regime, FW de Klerk, for ending it — a move that received widespread condemnation.

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Interim DA leader John Steenhuisen told the Dispatch on Wednesday that the party had referred Zille’s tweets to the party’s legal commission, which deals with legal and disciplinary matters.

DA leader hopeful Mbali Ntuli has called for her to step down.

This is not the first time Zille has caused a Twitter storm after an earlier comment that colonialism was not all bad — something Steenhuisen believes contributed to the precipitous loss of votes in the last general and provincial elections, its first loss since its inception.

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Reacting to Zille’s controversial tweets, analyst Ralf Mathekga said Zille should already have retired.

“Her return is not good for the party’ I don't or even anyone know in how the country. She can do this type of comparison when it comes to the law. I mean, one can compare the attitude of leaders now versus the ones from apartheid, perhaps. But for one to say that there are more racist laws now should be embarrassing for the DA,” he said.

Analyst Dr Somadoda Fikeni said Zille had become effective “wrecking ball”, most undoing the work she had done as party leader.

“She has changed her views on a range of issues and she is becoming a liability, because for the black majority it means it will need reconciling and would actually have to work closely with a party that has ideas of that nature, and the party seems to have no answer to her ability to rein her in.”

Fikeni described Ntuli, who is expected to go head-to-head for the top position with Steenhuisen and outgoing Gauteng leader John Moodey, as “bold” for publicly calling for Zille’s head.

“Ntuli is on that ticket of campaigning for leadership but unfortunately it’s unlikely she will come any closer, because it looks like the DA is more about the white constituencies they lost to the FF+ than consultation of black constituencies they will be needing.”

Another analyst, Ongama Mtimka, said Zille did not care about a diverse DA.

“Helen Zille and the politics she represents with all its errors are precisely what the DA inner core chose going forward.

“Younger leaders within the party may want a stance of the party towards race politics, but you are not going to get that within the inner core of the DA that has been in power since the process to remove Mmusi Maimane.”

Mtimka said voters might punish the DA at the polls because of Zille’s views.

Maimane quit the DA in 2019 after Zille beat Athol Trollip for the powerful position — a move that rocked the DA with Trollip and then Johannesburg mayor Herman Mashaba also quitting.

Trollip remained a DA member while Mashaba and Maimane jumped ship, saying the party no longer represented what they stood for.

Steenhuisen disapproves of Zille’s latest tweet. “SA is an infinitely better, more just and humane society now than it was under apartheid — not least because we have a constitution that guarantees everyone’s place and contribution, and which sees every person as equal before the law.”

-Daily Dispatch

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VeronicaBothma · 06/27/2020
no not at all but definitely the anc is time to blow out it's like an old age home dont know the capital of sa dont no anything about tourism but you are the minister come on who should blow out anc
ItumelengNtsoane · 06/25/2020
So this clearly shows that the DA will be in opposition till Jesus come.

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