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Hitman tells Maculuve "I've been hired to kill you"

Bhownnie25 06/29/2020

View pictures in App save up to 80% data. A taxi man has come out to claim that he was almost hired to kill renowned gospel musician and man of the cloth Bishop Vusumuzi Maculuve.

Wonder Dlamini from Mathangeni in Matsapha, yesterday revealed that he was promised R10000 in cash upfront with the balance payable when he had executed the secret plan.

Maculuve, an apostle-turned Bishop of God Cares Christian Fellowship, together with the ‘hitman’ recorded statements at the Sigodvweni police station yesterday afternoon.

Chief Police Information and Communications Officer (PICO) Superintendent Phindile Vilakazi confirmed to the Saturday Observer that indeed the pair went to the police station where a statement was recorded upon their request.

This was after the Bishop had received a phone call from the ‘repented hired hand,’ who told him about the clandestine plot to kill him.


This followed Maculuve’s appearance in a programme on TV where he explained how he got to divorce his former wife and people started calling in to pose some questions on the subject.

Suspecting that this was related to the above subject, Maculuve then received a call from Dlamini the following morning, and that is when he received the shocking news.

Dlamini confirmed to the Saturday Observer yesterday that he did alert Maculuve of the plan to kill him after he was approached by two men in a white Mercedes Benz, promising to pay him handsomely after finishing the job.

“I was at Matsapha Correctional Services when I was approached by the respectable looking men. They asked me to kill Bishop Maculuve, offering me money which they showed me in a bag. I told them straight away that I did not want their money and that they should leave me alone as I had never done something like that before.

 I suggested that they ask someone else to do such an evil task. I also didn’t even give them a chance to explain to me why they wanted me to kill Maculuve as I didn’t even know them,” narrated Dlamini.

Dlamini further suggested to the Bishop that he should enlist the services of bodyguards for safety as this was serious.

He also disclosed that he obtained advice from police officers that he was acquainted to that and he should tell Maculuve about the plot and further report this to the police, hence his move. “I now fear for my life as I might now be the target of these men. However, I don’t regret my move as I know what I’ve done is right,” he added.

Maculuve then thanked Dlamini for the bold move and promised to pray for him so that God kept him safe.

He also urged the police to assist keep him safe after reporting the matter.

No one can touch me, I belong to God – Maculuve

Bishop Vusumuzi Maculuve, on the other hand, highlighted that no one could dare touch him as he is a man of God.


He stated that had Wonder Dlamini accepted the money promised to him, he would not have lived to enjoy it.


“No one can dare touch me and if they dare kill, they would surely follow me to the grave. No one touches me,” roared the Bishop. Maculuve also urged those who were planning to kill him to desist from executing their plan, as he was sure something bad would also happen to them.          

Source: opera.com
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Top Comments
MtikaHlanganiso · 06/30/2020
Alleluia to the Almighty Jehovah, may His name be praised forever. Results of prayer.
SamuelMagagula · 06/30/2020
ngemanga ke lawa, lawa nje ngemanga. well planned lies aimed at smearing dirt on the innocent woman.
ThusiGladys · 06/30/2020
May God protect you and the man they hired to kill you they deserve life in prison course is not unacceptable to kill others

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