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South African smokers are urged to sign petition for a national strike against tobacco ban

Ahmahle 06/25/2020

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South Africa has for some months now been placed on a national state of lockdown which was meant to forestall the further spread of the virus.

The lockdown imposed on South Africans came with few the disapproval of few things. One of which had to do with a ban being placed on cigarette sales.

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South African smokers had on a number of times expressed their disapproval to this, even though their cries have always been unheard.

The recent of all is a protest which seeks to fight against the tobacco ban in south Africa.

The petition seeks not to acknowledge whatever the legislature is attempting to do except if it is lifting the boycott of tobacco items 


Tired smokers are urged to take a stand and sign the appeal for the country strike that will be taking on eighth of July. 

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A strike will be occurring in all major cities,closing down every significant street in Most Cities in South Africa. 

This for tobacco smokers as well as for each and every individual who feels tormented by the legislature. This is the first run through in history this boycott happens in South Africa. 

Allow the smokers to join together and battle the legislature. The intensity of individuals is more remarkable than the individuals in power. Pretoria Strike will be beginning at the CBD shutting down every single significant street. Start one in your city and accumulate in gatherings to have more force. The media will be called for more acknowledgment and papers will be told of this strike will be occurring across the nation

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PillayRajen · 06/25/2020
where can I sign this petition
RiRadaelli · 06/25/2020
,Where do we sign
KathleenHuman · 06/25/2020
where do i sign
+27-74638**** · 06/25/2020
Wer do i sign

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