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Cigarette Ban Could Last 2 More Months If Case is Lost, A Win is a MUST!

Cheznikove 06/25/2020

Date: 25/06/20

The cigarette ban court case outcome has been withheld for almost 2 weeks now. The need to withhold it was never truly communicated but the public is still to get the ruling.

The fate of an 80 day long ban hangs in the balance, if the case is lost by the tobacco companies, hope for cigarettes being available will be shattered to pieces.

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The Minister of Cooperative Governance and Traditional Affairs Nkosazane Dlamini Zuma has made her desire public. According to her the ban on cigarettes is suppose to last up until level 1 of the country's national lockdown.

Given the fact that the country is still under lockdown level 3 at the moment, it is safe to say it will take atleast another month to get to level 2. This alone shows that level 1 of lockdown is atleast 2 months away if it is even possible.

The country is has currently declared a state of emergency that will elapse on the 13th of July. This means that by the time this date is reached lockdown level 1 needs to happen. The part that is a bit worrisome is that the lockdown level 1 may not come soon.

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If Cyril Ramaphosa decided to extend this state of emergency to a state of disaster it would mean that the country goes into a position of stricter conditions. These conditions night have stricter regulations than level 5.

With that being taken into account, it is highly possible that South Africa goes from level 3 back to a level 5. If Nkosazane Zuma's desires are fulfilled, this will see then ban being delayed by 2 or 3 months.

So what is the possibility of losing the case against South African government? Possibilities are very high, given then continues delay of the verdict.

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The history of the cigarette ban shows that the government has always had the upper hand. British American tobacco association pulled out from the fight when it first started because the government had "convinced" them otherwise.

If we follow history, the ban could be lost yet again because the main argument the government proposed is that they're saving lives. South Africa currently has about 100 000 coronavirus cases and 2000 deaths, more people are dying and if the judge buys the story, he might not want to add cigarettes into the blend.

The cases growth both work against the cigarette ban. It both implies that there are causes of spread already and another one should not be added. It also implies the state of emergency is highly probable and could see the country never reaching level 1.

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The only hope there is is for smokers to win this case. If they win the case, they can avoid thr long delays that losing it will cost them. Winning it will cancel whatever plans Nkosazane Dlamini Zuma has instore.

What are your thoughts on the matter?

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The captain NDZ of the crooks.. Get urself comfortable in an old age hme a make urself a ZOL leak it with ur saliva and that is how u spread the virus!!!!
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she is sick

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