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LOVE ends when money ends||is it true?

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View pictures in App save up to 80% data. There Is no chemistry between love and money, several relationships end up loosing it because of having financial problems. Money cannot buy love , and nobody wishes to be loved because of what they have. love is a nice thing and should be unconditional. Love has nothing to do with material things because when they fade, relationship will end.

If love and money are on the same page the relationship will not last forever regardless of circumstances. One person will workout on the relationship and one will only care  on how the money is spend. When you start running out of budget, there will be a lot of conflict in the house. If a person loves you because of money they can end up thinking of killing you for inheritance. Such relationship will put you into distress.

As couples we  should start a nice journey together to make things easier for each other. If one of us is working we should be glad that they will keep others happy ,if  one partner is takes advantage of another's pocket that is not true love. furthermore when people love each other, the last thing they want is being together and their main priority is happiness regardless of money.

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