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How to turn problems into positive opportunities

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The world is full of opportunities because we have too many problems! Problems equals opportunities. People complain a lot about problems, that there is an opportunity. Solve the problems and prosper. Learn how to turn problems into positive opportunities, as problems equals opportunities.


You only have hope and faith when you are doing something. There’s a song sang by Brenda Fassie which says “soon and very soon, we are going to see the king.” The word soon has no direct focal point, the song was released long time ago, but we still sing it, Why? The word soon has no direct focal point, we don’t know the exact end. Also, your problems will end, just have hope and faith, which is soon.

Soon equals hope and faith.


A radio station frequency when you change locations it also changes. Here it can be 104.0FM in another location it can be 88.0FM. Same as life, as you grow, as you meet new people, as you change locations. The frequency of your life changes. So, you must adjust until you get your frequency.

Move up and down, find your life purpose, you’ll know exactly what to do. Frequency equals life purpose.


AS we grow, we meet new people, change locations, we tend to get distracted to our visions. Believe in your vision and do everything you can to turn it into reality. “Vision” is the ability to see potential in what others overlook.

“Your vision will become clear only when you look into your heart. Who looks outside dreams, who looks inside awakens?” 

-         Carl Jung

Find your life purpose.


People always talk, they always have things to say. That must not get to you, be aligned always focus on your vision and the end goal. Naysayers can be people you trust family, friends etc. Just focus and nourish your vision. That’s what counts, right now fight to be a person of value, add value to what you do, those people that were against you they’ll start to follow you.


The enemy of success is the fear of failure, and fear of failure can be brought to your life by naysayers (family, friends), low self-esteem, fear of isolation, fear of trying new things. All this must not get to you it’s just water under the bridge, to overcome all this you must, just focus on your vision and the end goal, all this is just a mountain that you must climb and pass.

Failure is a part of life, at some point you’ll fail at something, but this must stop you from doing what you want. Keep pushing.


In life you need people, with the same vision as you. It’s not about money, if people believe your vision you have a chance to be big, if they don’t! that’s a problem. Picking good people, it also means you’ll get good advices, and good advices if used correctly it leads to right living. Good people are important.


You must learn how to turn problems into positive opportunities, in every problem there’s something positive about it, but you must find what it is. Life has mountains that you must climb, climb the mountains with people who you know will help you climb, leave haters they’ll pull you down. People with the same vision are important, make friends that add value to your life.

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