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Love, Respect & Unity

Rickyjulian19 1d

View pictures in App save up to 80% data. What happened to our society and the promises the new and improved government made to the people of South Africa,if unity is what we preach to the world about,why are we not together as a nation but we are divided as a nation and racism of the apartheid regime is merely reversed and people of other skin colour that doesn't comply with the ruling governments aren't heard or helped,if we had love in our hearts why do we have to tick certain boxes on an application asking us for our ethnicity, we forgot how to love and respect humanity and how to care for people that are underprivileged, instead we suppress each other and let each other suffer because of the greed and desires of our leaders that were put there by we the people,lies and deceit follows our leaders who make empty promises to our society,when will this ever end,with our corona virus lockdown all of these were exposed and the unfeeling nature of our ruling party and government were exposed, what happened to those days where Nelson Mandela made our nation feel as one and we could stand together and love each other freely despite our race and background

Our government has failed us as a nation and we should rise again and fight against these devilish people who don't bring unity in our land

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