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4 EFF Members Succeed In Shutting Down Food Lovers Market Due To COVID-19

TheNewsNet 06/26/2020

4 EFF Members Succeed On Closing Food Lovers Market

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The EFF has been taking control on some damages that were done by Supermarkets and other stores in South Africa.

Food lovers Market in Comaro Crossing at Oakdene has been shut down Today after 2 employees tested positive for COVID-19 last week Wednesday.

However, Food lovers Market did not shut down the store after they have discovered positive cases last week Wednesday.

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The store managers told employees to continue working as there is nothing to worry about. EFF members Xolani Mekane and Suzan Shokane from Rosettenville, Johannesburg South confronted food lovers market about the incident today.

Food lovers Market had no intentions to close the store although 2 employees were caught with COVID-19.

Police ended up arriving to make sure the matter is settled with peace. The store was closed immediately after the arrival of Xolani Makane and Suzan Shokane. The conclusion was made and food lovers market will send doctors to test all employees. They will also send a cleaning team to make sure the store is hygiene again.

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The EFF will get an update from food lovers Market tomorrow on the progression.

Stay tuned, As I post an update on this issue tomorrow.

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Top Comments
Thabo82 · 06/27/2020
Is sad to c how anc doing.In this kind of situation U can't even c one or maybe they are busy stealing
BhaiSingh_01 · 06/27/2020
Well food lovers must close the store retrench the workers let the Eff employ and care for them . they just troublemakers
ShereKhan · 06/27/2020
The president also loots money, hes even worse than juju... Ramaphosa is the real snake
ShereKhan · 06/26/2020
This people are cruel they did not even close the shop😂😂😈

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