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Three year old Murderer escape from Orange Farm

hlayisaniamos13731 06/25/2020

The South African Police Service has asked the community of Orange Farm to help with the identification of Ansia Kheha's murderer.The 3 year old's body was found with harmful stab wounds in a rubbish bin in Orange Farm, south of Johannesburg last week. Kheha was laid to rest today and the MMC Margaret Arnolds was among those who attended Ansia Kheha's funeral following the heart breaking news.The members of the community paid their respect by supporting the family emotionally and they also waited outside because only 50 members were allowed to attend the funeral.The SAPS said that they are still investigating the killing reason being that they still waiting for a valid lead.

Motsapi said “As soon as we are at the scene we are also summoned to go to another scene. We are summoned to a scene where a 35-year-old woman was murdered, while we are trying to digest the two, we are also summoned to another one where a 10-year-old was murdered. Orange Farm is under siege.”

This has left the country shocked because they are dealing with more cases of gender based violence and children abuse. View pictures in App save up to 80% data.

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NokuthulavanderNgobese · 06/25/2020
Hai man rubbish. That's is no valid reason for not putting effort to a case. Kanti how many police in orange farm? You mean to tell me the whole station goes to the crime scene?? Police are so incompetent.

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