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SASSA R350 SRD Grant is still rolling out to the applicants

[email protected] 06/24/2020

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According to SASSA the SRD grant is still rolling out to those who have qualified. 1.2 millions of applicants were paid out of 3.2 millions of applications that were approved. SASSA is continuing to do verification check before any payments are made.

And the application are processed daily. However the major source of delay comes from the necessary verification process which SASSA has to do with other institutions which are dependencies in the value chain.

SASSA is working hard to ensure that those who qualify get what is due to them.

Beneficiaries are advised to use their own personal accounts not those of their neighbours. And also ensure that their personal details are exactly as they appear on their identity document.

With regard to Mamela, the personal information is important during verification check. Should SASSA find out that the information provided during application does not correspond with the identity document that might result to the application being rejected.

So if you haven't been paid you can wait for the response from the SASSA department.

Source: opera.com
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