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See the reason why wife pour hot water on husband

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A lady whose name is withheld has poured hot water on the father of his children over insecurities in their relationship. The lady declared that the man was cheating on her but she is yet to get the substantial prove. She concluded that because her husband always leaves the room for her whenever he wants to receive a call and he always keeps his phone unlike before.

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The two lovers who are reported to be in their late 30s have three children together but their names are not to be disclosed. In the words of the man, he made it clear that the woman asked him about a particular lady which he denied knowing and what the lady did next was to pour hot water on her.

However, the lady also responded by affirming that the man has been cheating on her and always leave the children in her care while he spends money on other women.

It seems the man is already blinded with love, as he refused to open a case against the woman, he said he can't let the mother of his children to be jailed.

Source: opera.com
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+234-0705200**** · 07/22/2020
the women ask her packing am a woman saying this,if your husband cheat and so what that is why u go pour hot water for onather woman pinkin.
GUEST_8m9Z3PYk8 · 07/18/2020
click bait rubbish nxa
ChayomaChukwu_01 · 07/15/2020
oga, please behave yourself and take care of your responsibility as a father to be.all those ladies you are pausing about will not help you in your life, instead causing problem in between you and your family.pls sir use your brain.
TebogoMimiMoeketsi-Langa · 06/30/2020
We heard about this story previously, you just change the heading only and repost.

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