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Covid 19 Infection rate increases by 5 688 in one day.

George_Robert 06/25/2020

The minister of health, Dr Zweli Mkhize announced the sad news yesterday, the 24th of June 2020 that the rate of infections of the active virus increased by more than 5 000 yesterday only.

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This comes after high schools and tertiary education allowed students back. Despite the regulations out in place to prevent the spread of the virus, things always seem to get worse.

As the infection rate increased by 5 688, the death toll also too a massive up to more than 100 deaths in one day.

This increases the number of deaths since the virus struck south Africa to 2 205 and and infections to more than a 100 000.

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Despite the presence of the new vaccine which was used to treat asthma and the new vaccine been tested in Johannesburg as part of the global testing, it doesn't seem to be enough.

We will experience situations worse than this if not enough precautions are put to place, millions of South Africas will be affected and the economy will suffer, says Mkhize.

The public need to take an initiative, the easy levels of lockdown don't mean we should relax and forget how deadly the virus is.

Stay home unless you have to go out and when you do, wear a mask and wash you hands constantly.

Posted by George Robert

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