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Covid 19 changes people their lifestyle

Naphuno 06/24/2020

As we can see we are faced with something that we don't know when it will end all we can do is adapt to a new life a happy one of having discipline in our lifes people before covid 19 they use to walk not knowing where they are going now its time to put a stop to it now it is time to give those food to the one who needs them help the nation do something for the nation your ountry View pictures in App save up to 80% data. if we can stand together we can do this its time we stop being ignorant because the are people who don't believe that covid 19 is real they call them self thomas makholwa kago bona which means that they believe what they see which is one thing that makes people roam on the streets we need to stand together become one African stop leaving in the old life and move to the new life

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