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The release date of Fire Force season 2

RT.Ndlovu 06/29/2020

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With the initial end of season 1 of Fire Force (En En No Shouboutai) we were already waiting for the announcement and release date for season 2 as the series received excellent reviews from fans in Japan and abroad. With the release for season 2 trailer we were not only introduced to the main protagonist Shinra and Company but also new adventures and a potential team up with other companies.

With David Productions bringing this cool trailer as it's the studio that brings JoJos Bizarre Adventures to life, the latest trailer shows us the crew going to a new continent. With the new season set to premiere on the 3rd of July we won't only be seeing our fang toothed hero trying to save humans from infernals but also try to figure out what exactly is adolla burst and adolla link.

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Once the trailer for the new season released to us we were shown that not only will our fire fighters be fighting new villains but also going to a new location with great adventures alongside other companies they will be teaming up with.

Because fire force didn't get affected by the Corona virus pandemic the series production will move smoothly for it's initial release this winter. Though the manga is reaching it's climax we will be sure to look at the anime. How do you feel about the trailer? And season 2 of Fire Force?Tell me in the Comment section.

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