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Coronavirus: Top radio station closes due to COVID-19 outbreak at its premises.

Nondumiso33 06/26/2020

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It is quite clear that the Covid-19 or Coronavirus pandemic has disrupted lives not only on the health front, but in business and day to day lives too.

According to regulations, when one person in the office has tested positive, the office is required to close for deep cleaning and disinfecting. This may sound normal and fair, but in real life it really disrupts not only the lives of the workers, but the productivity of the company too. All employees who have come in contact with the positive person, are also required to go test and self-isolate until the results are out. This is of course done in trying to curb the spread of the virus and subsequently save lives.

The Coronavirus has also shown that it has no class, race, gender or age, and none of us is spared from its effects. Whether you are a JSE listed company, a small company, a Radio station, a supermarket or an entrepreneur, when it arrives at your door, it is bound to disrupt your operation.

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One company that has had their operation disrupted is the Gauteng based radio station, the home of the Afropolitan, Kaya FM. The radio station has closed its premises temporarily after one of their employees tested positive of Covid-19.

In a statement, the station said its management has taken the decision to immediately close its premises, due to a confirmed Covid-19 case amongst staff. The company of 97 employees, has made the move in order to manage the potential for further exposure pending the results of other employee’s tests.

“Our fundamental priority is the the(sic) health and safety of all our employees. As a precautionary measure, the Kaya FM building will be temporarily closed while a deep cleansing process is carried out until further notice. Essential staff members have been advised to self-isolate and quarantine while working from home. The company is facilitating testing for staff members and contact tracing for those who may have been exposed to anyone with positive results.” -reads the statement on the Kaya FM website.

The radio station says from the beginning of the lockdown, it has been taking additional measures to ensure that it safeguard the health of its employees and preserve its ability to operate. Kaya management implemented a rotational system to only allow essential workers into the building, and presenters like Thabo “Tbose” Mokwele have been presenting their shows from home.

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Kaya FM Managing Director, Greg Maloka said: “I have every confidence in the protocols that have been put in place by our management team, and our teams’ superior capabilities to ensure the safety of our employees without interrupting our ability to broadcast the latest updates to Afropolitans. The Kaya FM family is our number one priority, we will get through this together as a company, and as a society at large”.

The station will keep everyone updated regarding the reopening of their premises and urges every listener to continue staying safe and listening to the station for all Coronavirus updates.

Kaya FM joins a list of many companies who have had to close their offices or branches after an employee had tested positive. At the rate of the current infection numbers, it is clear that many companies will find themselves in a similar situation sooner or later.

Source: opera.com
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+27-78957**** · 06/27/2020
Let's put our hands and minds together we shall at the end sooner, defeat this horrendous virus. The washing of hands with soap Yes, but the whole fact lies in the seriousness of the whole nation's worldwide working together by means of strong prayers and trust from each other that United we Stand but Divided there's trouble. Black and White should Unite for justice to prevail.
Frankmgenge_01 · 06/27/2020
God will protect you, sorry for this
DavisBumba · 06/26/2020
remain strong. for God will help you
[email protected] · 06/26/2020
sorry guys

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