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South Africa how can we fight poverty

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In 2011 was working for census, the statistics of south Africa show that many p6in rural areas are living in poverty some are educated but some are not but the number of people who are working is less than the unemployed off which is sad right.

I am very young and self confident to speak out about what I want tell south African especially if you still young, you looking forward to achieve more in life as well being educated but here is a question that is on my mind where are going to work if companies are closing right now because of the pendemic.

Please understand this statement I want to say now how should the government of south Africa allow one person to have morethan two jobs or three whereas there's five(5) young person who is jobless nothing all she/he had by now why? Am not jealous but I wish everyone may have a job atleast to bring something on the table.

I know will say why are not applying the do apply but because of you the can't the position, unfortunately I don't have two job but if I can have a job that need a skill I rather teach someone who is In need of the job and give them.

One person is a DJ, radio presenter, TV actor or actress no guys please let's think for others i know not everyone can do what you're doing but you train them , are you happpy to see a young child crying because of hunger ,not everyone need a food parcel but they need job to after themselves.

Please don't take wrong I just look things around my country some we can overcome if only we willing to so. View pictures in App save up to 80% data.

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