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Lockdown day 91: This is why schools must be closed

Manlestere 06/25/2020

View pictures in App save up to 80% data. South Africa has suffered a major setback after moving from alert level 5 of lockdown regulation. Since the beginning of June, the country record thousands of cases per day and the cases continue to grow daily.

The highest daily cases which were recorded recently is 5 688 on 24 June 2020. Schools pupils and teachers have been affected by the covid-19 pandemic while others are the patients of the virus.

Minister of Basic Education Angie Motshekga has announced that some class will open on 06 July and the rest of the classes will open on 03 August. Parents are concerned with the high rate of covid-19 pandemic, especially since teachers and learners continue to test positive.

Over 1 416 894 tests have been conducted while 111 796 have been confirmed positive. So far over 56 874 cases have been confirmed negative (Completely healed from covid-19) while 2 205 have died from covid-19 related complications.

Western Cape continue to grow high with over 55 162 confirmed cases, while Gauteng stand on 26 156 and Eastern Cape on 19 214. Kwa Zulu Natal which is the first province to identify the first coronavirus in the country, it stand on 6 075. With the high rate of growth in covid-19, members of the public believe the 2020 academic year should be suspended.

According to you reader, should the government close schools, or allow them to open? Share your view with us in the comment box below.

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Top Comments
LorendaClement · 06/25/2020
Schools must close immediately!!!! If the economy wants to proceed, let them. But kids must not be involved in the economy, they have a life ahead and also years to still, study and make up for lost time. Don't take their lives away from them. Please, be reasonable!
ShillestahLiesering · 06/25/2020
this is stupidity at its best now since the virus is at its peak they want to send the little angels in a lions den and they allready see how many teachers and children got infected and some have passed on how many more do u want to see dying or test positive u dnt have compassion or any sort of love for anyone but urselves why not wait till sept and see if things are better then u can at least make decisions or maybe there is a competition with ppls lives thats why ur gambling with it tell me i want to know how much is the competion for
GUEST_1NKbE9VwQ · 06/25/2020
Schools must completely closed than to gamble with our kids next yr ikhona.
+27-067182**** · 06/25/2020
let the cancel 2020 Academic once and we start a new slate next year.

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