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Will municipalities pay the R28bn

Gavriel 06/26/2020

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Some Municipal bill account to Eskom hangs about R28-billion. This accounts have increased over the last year over R8 billion.

The National and Provincial government departments will have disburse off their share of the bill by the next time he responds to questions in the National Assembly, Deputy President David Mabuza said.

As he was addressing, he mentioned that even though people are facing high rate of unemployment and as well people are starving, but to those who can afford to settle their payments in order to receive services must pay.

Deputy President David Mabuzentioned that,“All we need to do now is know exactly, how much is owed by who - so that if we switch-off, we switch-off the right person, for the amount owed, even if the amount is in dispute, that person can challenge the municipality, or challenge Eskom, but we can't just negotiate forever. At a certain point, we must insist that people pay for services."

Eskom has carried out a proceeding load shedding in most parts of Gauteng. The power Services mentioned that, the incident is followed by the network disruptions caused by illegal connections.

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GavrielMinister · 06/26/2020
@Gavriel The municipalities must pay those debts...
GavrielMinister · 06/26/2020
Eskom must take action to this matter

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