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Liverpool two point away from EPL tittle

deGate 06/25/2020

Liverpool have been extraordinary from the beginning of 2019/20 session.

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Liverpool needs only two points to be crown 2019/20 English Premier League Champions after a very impressive performance of the season, surpassing Manchester City as currently Champions from previous season 2017/18 & 2018/19 EPL Champions.

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After a high performance by Liverpool back at their home ground (Anfield stadium). Liverpool won against Crystal Palace by 4 goals to zero ( 4 -0 ) as their are close of lifting their deserve trophy. The goal first goal came from a nice free-kick that was taken by Alexander-Arnold.

Then the other goals came from Mohamed Salah, Fabinho and Mane.

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With Mohamed Salah back on the starting line-up, Liverpool was back on their winning ways as they were doing since the start of the season.

The likes of Fabinho of the middle, it gave Liverpool a good control of the game as Crystal Palace where chasing the game till the end.

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