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How young people can build a better world

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How young people can build a better world

Young people mostly have a bigger curiosity for life and still have dreams what can make creative. They can use this. 

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Everything starts with themselves. They have to become active. Depending in the interests, they could become involved in their neighbourhood or school.

Helping each other, have an open mind and learn from each other, so a stronger community can grow. If it is possible, they can use the internet, to connect people at their age all over the world, to come closer and learn more. In a lot of situations all young people in the world have the same problems, some are completely different. But all have one in common: the future and hopefully a better one. 

If you are interested in something, you like to learn more about it. Education is very important, but also the own wish to learn about something, for example environment pollution or social problems.  

They can learn by doing it...engagement in take care of the environment and nature, to make it cleaner and show others the way to do this.

Engagement in social life or politics...this can start in schools or the community, where they live. So they can learn to have responsibility and can work in a team to create together something good.

To make a difference starts with small steps in your own mind. Then you can go bigger steps. The biggest steps you can make by working together hand in hand. Young people can unite themselves by same interests and same targets. They should never forget the curiositiy to life and try to follow their dreams. 

In the next coming years, young people will build a better world, where things like economy, internet and work will be easier.

Source: opera.com
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