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Masasa really got us where she wanted. Here is what happened between her and Jafta Mamabolo.

Mable_chidi 06/25/2020

Masasa has proven that as we people are invested in people matters. Jafta Mmamabolo post a nice picture asking when can "they" refering to production houses,that when can they remake Shaft he needs an excuse to grow his hair.

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Masasa sub-tweeted jafta's pictures and said jafta so beautiful, its a pity she can't say the same ith his heart. A lot of people asked Masasa what is it that jafta did, so they can make him fall and end his career. It was really hectic to see how a lot of people are willing to ruin other people's lives on twitter.

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Masasa kept on answering on what Jafta did.

Here are the Hilirous answers. 

1) I saw both when I did my balsamic vinegar and salt test . And I just need answers! Hence I came here to this platform.

2) Yhuuuuu uJafta has a dress I left at his house and he sends me pics of him in MY look & I want it back !!!!!!

3) Jafta has been trying to seduce my man and I am tired ! I did the salt and brown vinegar challenge and I was clearly shown him and @Perzzz dancing in the woods a la Salem witches!!

The funny part is People not seeing that Masasa was playing. She ended this joke when she tweeted that, People actually thinking there’s beef between her and Jafta Mamabolo.She says twitter is no longer fun, you can’t even tease your beloved friend anymore without it being a thing. Heal guys. "Jafta is a cold hearted person that loves me deeply & I him. There’s nothing here." 

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