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African Rituals: Is Mamlambo real?

khanya_n 06/25/2020

I have never been the one to believe in fairy tales and superstitions. However one that has continue to include me the African belief of mamlambo. Lately I have been wondering that is there any truth to the African belief. This is especially videos of South African socialites with pet snake have come out and quite recently a video that has been spread viral on social media.

So what is uMamalabo?

So according to Wikipedia, mamlambo in Zulu mythology ,is a snake-like creature which lives in a river hence it is that the name "goddess of rivers". In a book by Bheki Maseko he describes is as a snake that will bring fortune in livestock and/or money to those who accommodate it.

It the accommodating that has risen many brows. As it is very controversial, many who know that the snake is paid in blood for the rewards he has given to it's person. There many stories about rich successful people that have told to have sacrificed a loved one, like a son or wife to appease the creature. Mamlambo is also know to want bigger sacrifices for bigger rewards. 

Lately in the age of blesser and slay queen relationships. Many stories of women claiming to have men who have had these snake. In the claim it is said that after a night out spending money on these women, that these women are used as the sacrifices for the snake. This is similar to a scene on generations, where the character Tshidi had to sacrifice her body to the snake.

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Do Zodwa and Mamkhize have one ?

Socialite Zodwa Libriam, known as Zodwa, and as well as Shawn Mkhize are to have Mamlambo. Zodwa proudly showed hers off and said: "I do this ritual (ukutwala) and you should to. Whilst it is speculated that Shawn has on after Sbahle Mpisane, her daughter, showed off their "pet snake" on Instagram. Sbahle was involve in life threatening accident back in 2019.

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This week on social media a video of a man scooping up buckets of money next to a black snake. The video went viral and people had mixed reviews to it. 

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So would you do this ritual even if it meant sacrificing your loved ones?

Please let me know, comment down below and share 


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Top Comments
FlonieChing'oma · 06/25/2020
I would rather die poor than sacrificing anyone to satan
GUEST_Qk8wPn4jq · 06/26/2020
what is this snake when a person is rich is a snake powerful church a snake powerful inyanga snake .powerful politican. snake.
GUEST_R1VxXejY1 · 06/26/2020
People always talk about a river snake but no one has ever seen it
JobMosetlhe_02 · 06/27/2020
People are still doing rituals with poor animals saying is for their ancestors, things they didn't know. I have long stopped doing that because I fund them doing and they make you more poor. Tell one person that made him rich?

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