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Opinion - DNA Should Be Stopped In Nigeria For Now For The Safety Of Women

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Since June last year, many Nigerian women have either be beaten to a pulp, disfigured permanently or even killed by their husbands when they discovered that the DNA of their children is different from theirs but matched with that of their mothers. Many Nigerian women are now afraid anytime DNA test is mentioned. I think the government should stop the DNA test for now. Reason being that some of our men are not yet matured to handle sensitive issues as such and so resolve to violence.

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A woman was killed this week by her husband and lagos and the man also took his own life in the process all because of paternity issues. This is bad because the children sometimes are also killed, sometimes they are left as orphans to suffer. When the DNA says the children are not yours, instead of resolving to violence, walk away. It is then you become the actual Victor.

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Sometimes, babies have been Swapped at birth. What if she never cheated but the babies were Swapped at birth. How do you reconcile that after you have killed the woman. When the insist she didn't cheat, go back to the hospital to make sure that the babies were not Swapped.

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When you discovered they were not Swapped, then the woman still insist she didn't cheat, then order for a maternity test. If the maternity test proves she is their mother and you have exhausted all the known means of confirmation and you discover the kids are not actually yours, dear walk away. It is not the end of the world. People have seen worst things than that and survived it. You too will. View pictures in App save up to 80% data.

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AndrewOlajide_01 · 07/15/2020
nonsense so that they will have the freedom abi
GUEST_2v1dqzzem · 07/13/2020
Mr.Oreo · 06/28/2020

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