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Is this what Motshekga has to say regarding the Eastern Cape school crises.

Adejib 06/25/2020

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Minister of Basic Education Angie Motshekga has responded to those who criticised her regarding the Eastern Cape school COVID-19 learners. Minister defend the schools that they were all COVID-19 compliance before received pupils.

The minister said this yesterday while responding to the outbreak that happened at the Eastern Cape Schools where a high school in Mount Frere had to close again after almost 200 pupils and staff were tested positive for the virus.

The Basic Education Minister said that cases being reported in schools showed that many people already had the virus bbefore school reopen but unaware of it until they were screened.

Minister Motshekga said the department officials worked hard to ensure that every measures were put in place before the grade 12 learners return to schools.

Minister then said Eastern Cape Department of Health had deployed a team of doctors and tracers to this school named Makaula Senior Secondary School where the pupils and hostel assistants were tested positive for COVID-19.

She said her department already working with health officials to help pupils, educators, and parents battling with the coronavirus cluster outbreak in the Eastern Cape.

She once again stressed the importance of sticking to the basic requirements of wearing a mask, sanitising, washing hands, and physical distancing.

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However, parents of the affected learners has showed their grievances and promise to hold the school accountable with the incident. The South African Democratic Teachers Union has also condemn the incident calling for an urgent action to avert such incident in their schools.

Meanwhile, minister reiterated that all the plan the department put in place to combat the spread of the virus were effective and working perfectly. She announced last weekend that despite the challenges they had, her deparment has decided to move ahead.

The second phase would be for the lower grades 1 and 2 and grade 11 who are not fewer than 3 million learners is expected to kick off in two weeks time.

Although, several organisations including Public Servant Association also plan to meet with minister and the department to reconsider closing all schools especially in Eastern Cape.

The association through its spokeperson yesterday said several schools within the province are without water and toilets and social distancing in such environment would be impossible. It said most of their teachers are above 60 which could pose more threat to contact the virus.

But contrarily, some schools including the ECD learning centres are calling for schools to reopen completely. They expressed concern that the more we keep away the kids from schools, the increase in chances that the school might not opening again. They said if they have to go to work, where will they leave their children?.

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+27-064137**** · 06/25/2020
this witch is really crazy
GUEST_75gY94gOD · 06/25/2020
motsekga is ignorant when it comes to the lives of learners and teachers as long as she is safe with her family
GUEST_oQLlJnzVL · 06/25/2020
Woow I'm just worried about the school opening then our children's affected with virus

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