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I can marry a Yahoo guy and convert him to a pastor - Lady claims

Cloud13 06/25/2020

Since making a joke that she might marry a Yahoo boy and convert him into a pastor, a Nigerian lady named ogechukwu has just set Social media on fire.

He said this in a post on Twitter earlier today and Nigerians have responded saying converting him would be after he had to use her for rituals.

Others also said they could end up building a Yahoo yahoo church where they'd raise people up in the fraud business, as she won't be able to withhold him.

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See her Tweet Below

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Though she said this with Laughter Emojis, in her mind we don't really know what exactly is going on.

Guys what this lady is saying is it really true? Because it is hard for a lady to come out clean like this or she just want to attract some young rich and already made guys.

What do you think about this? Is it possible for a woman to marry a yahoo boy and have him converted to a pastor? Even if she did, did she really make the change true even lasting for a long time?

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