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Boity Thulo’s Journey as a sangoma

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Boitumelo Thulo was born April 28, 1990, popularly known a Boity, is a South African television personality, rapper, actress, businesswoman and model.

Boitumelo is not only that, Boity has another life behind Camera’s,and that Life is being a Sangoma. Boity said she’s not in this field because she wants to boost her career. 

In 2016, Boity made a confirmation about her being a Sangoma just afer some time of prediction. Soon after that she posted a picture of herself dressed in her traditional beads and sangoma attire to confirm her calling.

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Boity is not ashamed of having answered the calling, she’s glad that She did it because as years went on, people were inspired, especially young girls who are on a spiritual journey... 

“it was to challenge mainstream beliefs about traditional healing and show people there was nothing to fear,”Boity Said. View pictures in App save up to 80% data.

she was mocked by her followers but she never lost hope about her calling she continued to fulfill her calling , regardless of what people say.

Boity once mentioned something to her followers on Twitter to say,“If you’re going to try to demonise me for believing in my ancestors and the journey they have placed me on, you’re wasting your time.”

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In supporting and showing how much she loves her calling Boity said,"They called. I answered. The proudest, most incredible day of my life. A beautiful gift that I will never take for granted.”

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GUEST_E8PbDm7k0 · 06/29/2020
dankie my Sister for respecting and paying your attention to your Ancestors 👏🤝
Zwothe · 07/15/2020
truly African,,,,,I love that

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