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Eastern Cape: 204 Students Test Positive

CelenhleG 06/24/2020

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204 pupils and hostel assistants tested positive for COVID-19 in Makaula Senior Secondary School in KwaBhaca, the Eastern Cape. 

Eastern Cape Department of Health spokesperson Sizwe Kupelo said, the department of health deployed a group of doctors and teachers to the school in an effort to trace, screen and test those who came into contact with the 204 pupils that tested positive in order to stop the spread of the virus.

Sizwe Kupelo can be quoted:

"The department is also looking into possibly converting the hostel into an isolation facility as another measure of preventing the further spread of the coronavirus,"

"A team of clinicians have been sent to the school to ascertain if the hostel meets the department's minimum standards for quarantine and isolation facilities, which include, but not limited to lighting, well-ventilated rooms and sanitation services."

Those who tested positive were in isolation within the Alfred Nzo district municipal area.

Sizwe Kupelo stated that 24 learners tested positive last week with 180 others, which included hostel assistants, testing positive this week.

"We would like to call on everyone to continue adhering to the lockdown regulations by practising good personal hygiene by washing their hands with soap and water or sanitiser regularly, keeping at least a 1.2-metre distance between them and other people, wearing a mask at all times when out in public and if possible, stay at home." he said.

The Minister of Basic Education Angie Motshekga said the number of cases that were being reported in schools prove that there could be high amount of people who already have the virus but are unaware of it until they were screened and identified.

“We will continue to work hard in schools to make sure that we protect our learners, teachers and employees within schools. It is important to work together to ensure that we beat the virus,”

"The department is working hard to make sure that all schools are Covid-19 compliant before it can receive learners.

“What is also important is to ensure that even during schools hours and beyond we stick to the basic requirements of wearing the mask, sanitise, wash hands and keep physical distancing” she said.

Minister Angie Motshekga pleaded with community to avoid visiting schools as that also contributes to the increased risk for more

Is the Department of Basic Education doing enough to keep pupils and staff safe?

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