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EFF and nationalization

EgedHouseTrustee 06/25/2020

Julias Malema was today addressing the journalists regarding the VBS Mutual Bank allegations. The CIC was no doubt calm and in control of the whole interrogation process as he is famously known to come out tops when faced with such situation. If you listen to the whole interrogation there is nowhere Malema nor the other EFF members would be accused of being linked to VBS bank only that they tried to save the bank. View pictures in App save up to 80% data.

However he did mention that his brothers and cousins who are implicated in the VBS allegation are business people whom he is very close them and in most cases they attend events together. He also publicly announced that their family owns a four thousand hectare farm which claimed by the family from whites and they have seven thousand cattles.

If one would remember very vividly when EFF was canvasing for votes one of their promises to people was to nationalize the mines and land. If the Malema family owns so much hectares of land, why is it not nationalized as a practice of what they preach to the people of South Africa.

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GUEST_91mwgEmxX · 06/26/2020
Good my leader Juju.

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