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She is in Trouble! Complaint Lodged By Top DA Leaders Against Helen Zille for Her Apartheid Tweet.

Awesome_Stuffff 06/24/2020

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Top senior DA leaders have referred federal council chairperson Helen Zille's tweet to the party's federal legal commission for action to be taken against her. You all remember her tweet right?

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The Gauteng provincial legislature member Khume Ramulifho and a member of Parliament have confirmed that indeed they sought to have the matter investigated by the federal council.

This is because of the controversy caused by Zille's tweets that there were more racist laws in the country now than there were during the Apartheid government and lauding the oppressive regime's last president FW De Klerk for its downfall.

The DA spokesperson in Gauteng had this to say "I feel like what she has been tweeting is against the party's constitution. It is considered as misconduct in terms of the DA’s constitution. It is also against the party's social media policy" He further went to say "Regardless of a person's position, we are all supposed to adhere to the party's constitution"

DA spokesperson, Mr Ramulifho said he had written to interim DA leader John Steenhuisen and one of Zille's deputies Thomas Walters, with the former federal council being able to directly refer the matter to the Federal council and the latter able to do so through federal executive.

The DA’s spokesperson also added that "Leadership has to ensure they enforce whatever decisions are taken. I am following internal processes as outlined by our constitution even if this is a repeated offence, I am complaining a member now and asking the leadership to take it forward" Ramulifho said.

He further went to say that he wasn't saying Zille has no right to air her views, but he felt her tweets were demeaning.

"I am not an ANC member but I value what the struggle stalwarts have done for the country. The fact that there are issues when it comes to the new government doesn't take away the struggle credentials or what people fought for, people lost their lives, their families were broken up" he added.

The DA spokesperson also lambasted Zille saying that it was De Klerk who birthed the country's democratic dispensation, saying that it undermined the efforts of those who risked their lives for liberation, along with the pain felt by those related to people whose remains were never recovered.

"it also doesn't assist us with regard to social cohesion. Hiw do you build a better South Africa with one vision, while on the other hand trying to delete the entire history of the struggle waged by many South Africans including the ANC?" he asked.

Mind you, this is not Zille's first transgression in this regard, previously she vowed to nolonger tweet and stepped down from active leadership in the party when then leader Mmusi Maimane made her apologize for tweets which she praised colonialism.

Zille's statements sure bring back painful memories and open up old wounds. Her conduct is not what would be expected from a senior leader of the DA and in the current political environment.

One Twitter user came out and asked Zille to retire. View pictures in App save up to 80% data.

What do you make out of this madness? Surely there must be something wrong with Helen Zille, right? Leave a comment below and let me know what you think, also don't forget to like, share and follow for more top stories.


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+27-072395**** · 06/24/2020
black people We the most cruel race than other races white people can't burn each other but when it come to racism we cry the most ,some times Zille speaks the truth
GUEST_6jJXR7X66 · 06/25/2020
yes i second that...it is thru...

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