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I thought you were a mother

Makwasa 2d

View pictures in App save up to 80% data. In my life I had to adapt how my home situation hab been. Its been an journey for where I am today .It wasn't easy but managed to balance everything that I had face in my life challenges

Growing up I had older brother and family relatives. I never knew how cruel was the world the day I lost my biologicall mother .Things changed drastically the way there were ,I never received the much love and support

I got back stabbed by pupils I thought loved me when my mother was still alive .In this world there are cruel , ruthless people, that have multiple of different personalities when interacting with one another, but I had hopes that my mother was always with mt where ever I am in this cruel life

Its been a journey that's no one would've want to meet, because you have to be strong and stand tall in this world .We all need love from mothers in this world, it doesn't matter if it's your child or not just love us the way you will love your own child

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