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Moonchild is ready for the world

ZolisaConsciousSoil 06/25/2020

Moonchild Sanelly releases song that targets bogus preachers.

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The unapologetic South African musician known for explicit lyrics has dropped a new banger that will surely ruffle a few men of the cloth. The song is called Bashiri and focuses on preachers who use the religion and the church for their own capital gain. The fearless and inclusive star has just signed a deal with Transgressive Records and was super excited share the amazing news with her fans.

The songstress whose had a rough road to success, from being left destitute with 5 month old twins a few years ago to not having her songs played on air due to her stance in liberating the female sexual revolution. 

Moonchild, a force to be reckoned with, plans on taking over the world with positive body and female sexual empowerment that will have you dancing in your underwear at 3 am at a nightclub.

Source: opera.com
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