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Cigarette Ban: Why Nkosazane Dlamini Zuma Won Against FITA

Cheznikove 06/26/2020

Date: 26/06/20

According to an article by News24 dated 26 June 2020,Nkosazane Dlamini Zuma has won the case against the Fair-Trade Independent Tobacco Association. This was after the case saw court on 10 July and they had the reserved the judgement until this Friday morning.

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The verdict being delayed was part of the judges decision. The case was almost about 6000 pages of information and the judge needed enough time to go through both arguments and judge accordingly.

The article on news24 said the following:

"FITA’s argument that cigarettes ought to have been considered 'essential' because they are additive has no merit. The fact that a substance is addictive does not render it essential. We therefore find no basis on which to interpret the level five regulations as permitting the sale of tobacco products,"

The information above was said by the judge of the High court in Pretoria. The judge also mentioned how FITA's argument was preconceived and seemed more personal that it was about the regulations.

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Part of this decision made by the judge is because of how FITAs lawyer said his arguments. During the court case he didn't hold back. He directly called Dlamini Zuma obsessed with the cigarette ban and is keeping it for her selfish reasons.

This was seen by the judge as more of a personal attack on Dr Dlamini Zuma than it was a defense for FITA. The judge continued to say from FITAs arguments, it seems like they did not realise or understand the main reason the ban was in existence in the first place.

This was after the argument of FITA saying the reason they should bring them back is because people are addicted and need a fix to stay sane. The judge felt like he needed more reasons.

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The judgement by the doctor come at a great surprise to the smoking South Africans. This is because FITA had brought a doctor and a psychologist to explain exactly why it was necessary to lift the ban.

The doctor explained how the reason that was given was inconsistent because the number one accomplice to the killings is not smoking but things like high blood pressure and sugar diabetes.

The FITA lawyer continued to explain that the basis of the ban being implemented to stop people from smoking is indeed baseless. This is because science proves that unavailability of cigarettes doesn't lead to people quitting.

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With this defeat from Nkosazane Dlamini Zuma, the smokers spirits are down but there is still hope. The British American Tobacco Association has confirmed that their case in court for the same issue will be taking place in 4 day on 30 June 2020.

As the old saying goes, if at first you don't succeed, you pick yourself up and try again. BAT will be picking up where FITA left off. All eyes will be on the case and the verdict shall be the last one.

What are your thoughts on the matter?

Leave a comment below and please follow me for updates on the ban.

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Top Comments
Beautifulchaoswrites · 06/26/2020
Bleh. Nkosazana Dlamini Zuma bought off the Judges brother.
RichardShampis · 06/26/2020
this country needs the juries
LeeannFredericks · 06/27/2020
The lawyer is right when he said Dlamini Zuma is obsessed with the cigarette ban She Zuma wants to show she blows the tune all must dance to her tune
GUEST_R6Kg3pdAY · 06/26/2020
how much did she pay the judges for the bribe... so her son can carry on selling illegal cigarettes

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