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Child of soil unveil your beauty to world

Sanza101 06/25/2020

Black child be proud and embrace your Africaness. View pictures in App save up to 80% data. The first South African Miss universe, paved a way for African girls to be natural, bold and proud.

Daughters of the African soil flourish and embossom your Africaness within you, that was the it message Zozibini Thunzi spread all over Africa, to her brothers and sisters through her journey of Miss South Africa which later transpired to Miss universe, what a blessing she is to the mother land.

Without any doubt we can see that the seed she scattered is already blossoming through the contestants of the Miss South Africa 2020, they are all embracing their Africaness especially the black girls to name a few it's Lerato Malatji, Karabo Legodi, Lebo Mahlangu, Lesedi Phala e.t.c all these girls are embracing the African child within them all in their unique way. View pictures in App save up to 80% data.

We should withdraw from the mindset that bottles the black race as incompetent, unworthy, not beautiful, inhuman the list goes on and on but we are on the right track of unchaining that mentality and more black icons all over the world are divulging them selves.

Now it's your time to shine black child, no one will liberate Africa but us and yes it is possible child of soil through hardwork, persistence and perseverance.

Source: opera.com
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