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THE concern of the prisoners about spreading of COVID-19 in prison.

Takalanitsireledzo 06/29/2020

AS the people are fighting with the COVID-19 as a country most of the prisoners are still complaining about the unsafety of the infection in the cells. View pictures in App save up to 80% data.

Since the infection started to spread in the cells of the prisoners there has been more a thousands of complain about the unsafety of the virus,One of the complain from one of the inmate who denied to be mentioned his name said that we are all afraid that we might also get infections as the virus keeps on spreading,He continued saying that the wardens told us to always wash our hands regularly,

HE also added that there is no social distances so the chances of getting infection is very high to them. View pictures in App save up to 80% data.

AS it stands on Friday,There were more than 2190 confirmed cases in prisons -983 officials and also 1207 inmates,And there are 523 active cases and a recovery of 25 cases.

THE department of the correctional service said that the prisoners are well taking care of and they are doing all it could to protect inmates and all who entered in the facility.

Source: opera.com
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