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The cops told her to go back home after being raped

Boitshepo97 06/26/2020

The cops told her to come back the next day to open a rape case, they told her she mustn't bath before opening the rape case, just imagine being told to stay dirty after you have been raped. View pictures in App save up to 80% data.

The victim was going somewhere and took a taxi at about 06:30 pm, she was the first passenger in the taxi, she told the driver where she was going but the driver drove the wrong direction. The driver told her that he is going to take money quickly from his boss, she told that driver to drop her first then he locked all the taxi's doors and ask her what is inside her bag.

The driver drove to the bush and that's where she got raped, afterwards he asked her why should he let her live, she told him that her sister has lots of money, but they have to go and fetch the back card first. He let her go and she hide in the house until he drove off,

The victim was turned away from the police station.

Source: opera.com
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