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Malema leaves the public questioning South African journalism

Victorkd 06/25/2020

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The EFF CIC, Julius Malema had a round table Q&A, where the main focus was to respond to questions by journalists he had invited. The round table came after speculations that Malema will be investigated for the VBS saga. He invited journalists to come and ask questions in relation to that.

There were five journalists in total, and they all had their turns in asking questions. Malema seemed to be way ahead of the journalists, as he responded to all their questions without any hesitation. The public reacted to the round table on social media platforms, where some of them questioned journalists who were there. Some said some journalists were not objective when asking questions, but used emotions in dealing with the issue at hand.

Others said Malema was dodging questions, and not responding to questions that were being posed by journalists to him. Some were impressed by how he dealt with journalists, and the way he responded to their questions. Some journalists were accused of coming up with excuses, rather that asking relevant questions at the briefing. According to some social media users, Malema left journalists paralyzed. Out of the five journalists, majority of social media users praised only one journalist for being a professional, and holding it down like a true professional.

Source: opera.com
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