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#KeepHumble and let’s meet Nasizo Mndende Model, an Activator, Founder of Bomvane Youth Foundation

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Nasizo began from the humble beginnings in a poor family and yet in the midst of it all she still dreamt big despites of all the stigma and stereotype she faced growing up. She never limited herself and told herself that her background will never determine her future.

Nasizo was born with a fighting spirit and despite her failing so many times, she always found a way to get back up and start over. Nasizo always makes sure that everything she starts she gives her all without fail, she appreciates and holds dearly all the opportunities people give her. View pictures in App save up to 80% data.

She started a Deco business way back when she was still in high school and have invested in making sure that it grows better and better, her love and skill for organizing events has improved and gave her a platform to network with business minded people and be able to learn from them. The fact that she is young and in business keeps motivating her to learn even more so she can satisfy her customers and give them more than 100% services.

Nasizo treats herself like a brand and that is why she also take her other projects seriously because she has a lot to lose if she doesn’t, from modelling to doing career talks, having motivational seminars and also being involved in community upliftment programs, all these projects Nasizo carry with pride not only benefit her but people around her and the community. View pictures in App save up to 80% data.

Nasizo’s proudest moments was when she founded the Bomvane Youth Foundation, and became an owner of Umzi Kantu enterprise. In 2019 she graduated from a Activate Change Drivers program; this platform gave her an opportunity to meet business minded entrepreneurs from all over South Africa with the same mission as her.

Her modelling career has been an extraordinary, inspiring journey to a lot of young girls who look up to her, her modelling career started flourishing in 2014 when she became a finalist of Miss Amathole Heritage and in 2015, she became part of Indoni, Miss Cultural SA. In 2018 she represented the Eastern Cape on NCRW Ambassadorship and she was crowned Miss Personality 2018 and 1st Princess.

Later in 2018 she was a finalist on Miss Heritage SA. In 2019 she was a finalist of Miss Grace SA and later in the year was crowned as the Eastern Cape Regional Queen.

In 2020 Nasizo is pushing beyond all limits as she started her own brand #QhakazaNolali, which will launch soon in hoping that it will inspire a lot of young people from rural areas to live up to their capacity and achieve all their dreams and never allow their environment to limit them.

Going forward Nasizo wants to collaborate with a number of young people, companies and organizations. Her next move is to become an ambassador for brands that stand for what she firmly stands for. Nasizo lives to influence, inspire and motivate people.

“I want my cup to be full because I want to fill other cups so that we can all grow in our little spaces”- Nasizo Mndende. View pictures in App save up to 80% data.

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