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Warning for Western Cape Residents

Manez 06/25/2020

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The South African Weather Services has issued a warning for Western Cape residents. Two Coldfronts will be making landfall over the next 3 days in the South-Western Cape. First cold front expected overnight tonight (Thursday 25 June 2020) with another front expected to develop and move into the South-Western Cape on Saturday (27 June 2020) afternoon. Updates will follow later.

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This is the second time for Western Cape residents to experience a cold front this winter season alone. The first cold front occurred two weeks ago it started on Wednesday in Capetown. It arrived in Atlantic Ocean and Exited on Indian Ocean. This cold front extended to other provinces, Gauteng, Eastern Cape and North.

This urgent warning comes at a time where most South Africans are already under the lock down level 3 regulations, it will still be a struggle though for those who are regularly complaining about load shedding and those who cannot afford to prepare for these freezing conditions. Shelter homes are available nationwide, government, businesses and NGOs face a challenging task in an already over stretched budget due to the unforseen pandemic of Covid-19 deadly virus.

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