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Journos Fail To Crucify Malema

HuliM 06/25/2020

On the 24th of June, the CIC of Economic Freedom Fighter, Julius Malema, announced that he has tasked a Journalist Samkelo Maseko, to organise a team of five best Journalist from any media houses to have a dialogue with him regarding all allegations he has been accused of any wrong doing and the one on top of the list being the VBS Great Heist where currently there already about eight people who have been arrested in connection to the VBS scandal.

“Thread on the Collapse of Limpopo, NPA & VBS: 1. Following the Press Conference held by NPA, SABC journalist @samkelemaseko asked about investigations regarding me and or the EFF in relation to VBS. This is even though there was no mention of myself or the EFF by NPA,” Malema wrote, through his twitter account. View pictures in App save up to 80% data.

 Today on the 25th of June, the dialoque was done at the EFF Headquarters in Johannesburg, Braamfontein from 12 Midday. It was an about an hour session where Julius Malema was answering any question and he had asked them to bring any proof to substantiate their questions nor allegations.

“As a result, I challenged @samkelemaseko to gather 5 journalists from different media houses he trusts for a public interrogation session with myself. These journalists can ask whatever question they wish, from VBS, bank statements, On Point, and so called collapse of Limpopo.”

“Upon advice of my son, who insisted that if @PaulivW is not amongst these 5 journalists, it will look like I have something to hide. I have spoken with EFF and requested that @PaulivW must also be allowed to form part of this public interrogation session of myself on anything!,” He added

During the session, Malema managed to answer all the question put before him although journalists who were there seem so disorganised and unprepared. At some point, Samkelo Maseko even threaten to leave the debate as he felt frustrated from the way Malema was answering question. View pictures in App save up to 80% data.

Although the Power FM journalist, Aldrin Sampear, who seem to be saving the session as he was asking questions at his calmness and on point with references from the public protector. Even though other journalist was on point they seem to be unsure of what was really happening about many allegations regarding Julius Malema. They even defended themselves to say they are not an investigative Journalists but reporters. The experience of the dialogue was quite a nice experience as you could see through social media as the session went abuzz and trending, although many people where not so happy with the journalist who were present on the panel as there were being grilled by Malema.

Malema have answered about the On Point Engineering and Ratanang family Trust story. He also spoke about the collapse of limpopo government saga. The current hot story of VBS the great heist. He was also asked about the firearm shooting at the EFF celebration which he indicated that the matter was sub-Judi care. He spoke about his salary while his was still a Youth League President and how the house in Sandton was bought. The journalist also brought an investigation done by Pauli Van Wyk where she indicated a credit card which follows Malema everywhere he goes, the credit card is reported to be linked to one company which have benefited from the VBS scandal. Malema explained who owned the card which is one of his cousins who is in business and that he has never been in position of the card, although his cousin would travel with all the EFF rally. The items that the card I was buying Malema said its unlike him. View pictures in App save up to 80% data.


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