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'I Miss My Foreskin', Pretoria Man Regrets

[email protected] 06/29/2020

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A regretful man shared his regrets of removing his foreskin on Twitter. A tweet by a Pretoria man caused stir on Twitter with tweeps sharing different views.

According to medical school circumcision before puberty has a couple of health and medical benefits, It reduces the risk that a baby boy will get a urinary tract infection. It can prevent foreskin problems, including foreskin inflammation and foreskins that are too tight in puberty.

"I miss my foreskin. Circumcision is a scam and should be banned. To be honest, societal pressure and peer pressure led to me removing. There's a reason we are born with that cap," tweets regretful man. 

The man from Pretoria as his Twitter profile says, he added that he had no problems with his foreskin. But seeing the adds on Television gave him pressure to remove it because he was afraid of contracting STI's.

"I had no problem with my foreskin to be honest, I started seeing the propaganda machinery used of Tv ads that we needed to remove the foreskin to reduce the chances of contracting stds. The foreskin actually serves the purpose into protecting the head," he adds.

An estimated one-third of males worldwide are circumcised. Circumcision is most common among Muslims and Jews, among whom it is near universal for religious reasons, and in the United States, parts of Southeast Asia, and Africa. Below are few tweets from the replies,

Hazel Mahazard (@hazel_mahazard) tweeted at 11:52 am on Sun., Jun. 28, 2020:

Men can keep their foreskin but they must keep it clean, they MUST bath before sex for hygiene purposes there’s nothing as disgusting as pulling back the skin for oral and seeing the white crusty stuff or being hit by a funk I think that’s where the pressure from females come in.

A•Y•A•🇿🇦 (@AyandaDlamini_) tweeted at 9:31 pm on Sat., Jun. 27, 2020:

Another guy once said something like this on Gagasi fm with Dr. Mthembu. Apparently the tip of the penis is too sensitive now that he’s removed the foreskin and wished he never did!


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Top Comments
TakudzwaBlessing · 06/30/2020
God created u with it ...there is a reason..God never made a mistake
GUEST_ErOJXWQNd · 06/30/2020
which means God is stupid for creating it
+260-97606**** · 07/1/2020
never do things in your lifetime that cannot be reversed....
MasundaMasunda · 07/2/2020
I think we must keep our foreskins.we only need to bath.can we cut our lips so that we won't have bad smell from mouth?the answer it's no.we need to buy Colgate

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